Sara Mustow has lived in the house on Pullman Street for sixty-five years. But she does not live there alone. Sara shares her home with an infinite and evil secret. 

For Alex Delaney, returning to Maine means returning to childhood memories he struggled for years to overcome. His younger brother Noah hopes the trip will bring both siblings closer to whatever shred of family remains to them. But an old gypsy's secret will force the Delaneys to confront terrible truths.

​Detective Ian Letellier, a member of the Maine State Police’s Major Crimes Unit, or MCU, leads an investigation into one of the most gruesome murders in the state’s history. The evidence in the case suggests a link to a company of local Gypsies. Law enforcement holds a jaded view of the Romani, believing them to be nothing more than thieves and scam artists. What Detective Letellier learns will shatter everything he knew about the Romani, and everything he knew about himself.

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