The Pandemic Sequence

Tom's first series,The Pandemic Sequence, tells the story of Mike Allard, a high school teacher in Tennessee, who must lead his students to safety after a devastating virus consumes the world. Mike's limits will be tested as he struggles to protect those in his care from the deadly infected.


The first novel in the series, The Tilian Virus, ​weaves together events seven years apart, and explores the curse of hope as Mike Allard wrestles with the futility of survival in a world of withered decay.

The Tilian Effect​, the second entry in the series, focuses on what happens after the crisis. What happens when years of fighting for survival finally come to an end?  What happens when the world rebuilds…but you’re still broken? But even as the world rebuilds, a new threat emerges. 


The third book, The Tilian Cure, finds Mike Allard and his fellow survivors making their final stand against the infected. As defeat looms, can a cure be found in time? What form might it take? What scars might it leave? For, as the old saying goes, the cure is often worse than the disease.

“This character-driven story based on the destruction brought on by the Tilian virus is one worth reading.” 
― on The Tilian Virus

Tom is currently working on The Tilian Relapse, the fourth book in The Pandemic Sequence.

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